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    Lee Cheever is a multifaceted artist living in Harpswell, Maine. Her drawings, sculpture, photographs and paintings reflect both her knowledge of the fundamentals of art and design and her belief in the creative human spirit. An avid traveler, Lee brings a wide range of history and culture to her work.

     After receiving a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and a M.Ed. in Social Foundations from the University of Virginia, Lee continued her professional development through Smithsonian workshops and an internship at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. While living in Virginia, along with showing and selling her work in juried shows, Lee taught art in the public school system, lectured at the University of Virginia, and gave adult education workshops.

Lee Cheever has displayed her art in a number of Maine locations over the past decade. She is known for her depictions of animals and landscapes inspired by the natural surroundings of her Harpswell home, woods and sea. Her natural themes are tempered with stories and historical reference from her travels. “Different ideas suggest the medium to best describe the idea,” she explains of her wide use of materials. Using natural woods she carves owls peeking out of their homes. Ceramic pieces are influenced by mythological sea gods. Wooden geese meet to gossip. A pen and ink owl watches over the room. A wooden fox reaches for some low hanging grapes. Her drawings are influenced by her photography of birds and fish. Two dimensional mediums are described in pen and ink, oil pastel, and collage. 

“Maine is a great resource to energize artists. We are surrounded with wonderful light and scenery that cannot help but ignite a creative spirit. For decades artists have sought a creative period in Maine to kindle their imaginations with its natural beauty. It is a logical partnership for artists and environmental associations to work together in safeguarding  and educating others of this bounty.”

Most of the work tells a story, sometimes funny, sometimes thought provoking. In these familiar objects and animals there are moments captured that will invite the viewer to create their personal stories of the composition. It is art that is easy to live with, thoughtfully composed, and well crafted.

    Since moving to Maine in 2009, Lee has developed summer opportunities for Merrymeeting Arts Center and advocated for the arts through her volunteer work at the Five Rivers Arts Alliance, assisting in community events, administrative duties and social media. She continues to shows and sell her work in Maine at private and communite gallery and exhibits.  

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