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Lately I have been getting ready for upcoming shows. It has been a learning experience. But that is a good thing. Being in a rut is a consuming waste of time so best to move forward.

My current works in the public eye are Spring Trout, Smelt Run and several small pieces. You can see these at The Gallery at 11 Pleasant Street in Brunswick, Maine. They will be on view until the end of May.

In July I will be showing sculpture and photography at River Arts Center in Damariscotta, Maine. This pleasant gallery and educational facility is located on Route One, so it is easy to get to and open a variety of hours. For details on River Arts check here. For this show I am showing with two friends, Janet Glatz (acrylic painting) and Angie Blevins (watercolor, pen and ink). Our opening will coincide with the Twin Villages art walk so it should be a festive time. Check out our flyer which I designed this week.

In August, my friend Connie Lundquist and I will be sharing the Little Dog Coffee Shop walls. This is a heavily frequented coffee shop in Brunswick, Maine and has lots of wall space. It is there that hedgehog will make it’s opening debut. Most of my work in this show will be pen and ink pieces as well as some low relief wall hangings such as “In the Current”. It is a challenge to figure out what to show where and to make enough items that each show looks full and interesting.

I have had some work professionally framed by The Picture Framer in Topsham. They always do a great job. Other pieces are finished in house, namely my own, and some are through other services. As a result there are a variety of prices that people can choose from, mostly dependent on the finishing and how much it cost to produce the final piece.

I hope you get to make it to Maine to see my work, or if you are here already (lucky you) please stop by these locations this summer and give me some feedback on what you think about it.


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