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Winter Blows

It was good intentions that brought me to Washington DC a week before Snowmaggedon. It was The Big Snow that kept me there.

I was going to get out but could not get out of town. My shoveling was required.

Now I am snowbound.

Washington is infamous to it's inability to handle natural emergencies. That being said, two feet of snow is a lot to be dealt with. The most annoying thing is the neighbors who lose patience, try to drive on an unplowed hill in two feet of snow and, what a surprise, get stuck. We wait for the plow. Pray for the plow, hope for the plow, so we can go back to Maine- WHERE THERE IS NO SNOW.....

Go figure.

In the meantime I am trying to think of new projects, am anxious to get home, back to the studio and prepare to work on other ideas.


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