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Humility and the right paper

Chugging away at work. Using some photos that I took at various points to do various things. I ran across a couple of ducks that I wanted to draw. They became two separate pieces. I was thinking along the lines of Japanese printmaking, wanting plenty of space but that did not work. I problem solved that process by deciding to cut the paper down. It would work just fine. So then I thought, well I can do a pair of ducks. I knew the paper wasn't right for the watercolor and the colored pencil combination but I thought it would be fine.

Got one duck pretty done and began the next. I liked the way it turned out, I like the way she fit on the page. I thought I would add some more water color to fill up the tone. Then I put the whole piece under weight to see if I could get it flatter. The paper was wet. Of course it has made permanent creases in the paper and now I cannot use it at all.

Back to the drawing board. With the right paper.

Yet another lesson in the humility of creating art. It is all well and good to have the ideas but the process and the time that process takes is more important that the imagination of the end result. Dang.

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