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Reflections of a Lost Year

We started out 2020 all right. The winter came to Maine and after a suitable time of snow enjoyment we escaped to the Turks and

Caicos, taking my son and his girlfriend. It's a pleasant island, not many tourists, average food and excellent waters for snorkeling. The others got in some diving in. A break that seemed to have happened in another time, another world. Probably because it was another world then. No travel is a tough reality to itchy feet.

With the impact of the pandemic much of the first month was waking up with memories of the strangest dream. Only to find that dreams were reality and we had to cope with this new way of existence. Masks are a strange thing to wear, although wear them we must. It was a revelation to see how that one action, much less avoiding friends with a six foot boundary, created a deeply sad spot in me. No smiles, no frowns, no ironic sneer. That whole bottom of face which had long been taken for granted was now missed. Like so many things we don't acknowledge then are found wanting.

The good thing is that I discovered a great deal more about where I live and have also realized that less crowded spaces are beneficial in so many ways. I have been exploring local parks, which in Maine have the benefit of woods and water. Small things, moss, mushrooms, hatching snapping turtles from the baseball mound have all touched me this year.

I count my blessings to live in such a beautiful place and dream of traveling down the road. It has always been so. It's not a question of not being happy, just wanting to see around the next bend.


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