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The process

I was looking through my photographs and thinking about all the interesting things I have seen. I wondered what to do with all these thousands and thousands of photos. Then I thought, duh, I could use those for reference for drawings! So that is what I am doing for a little while.

Here is a for instance. I went to see my son run in the New York Marathon. Going from spot to spot changed the course of the day and the views. Here is an early morning shot in Brooklyn with the fleetest of the feet. When viewing the photo I liked the arrangement. I liked how barely none of the feet were on the ground. The vague shadows and the quality of the light were intriguing.

This is how that photo evolved. I drew it in charcoal, because I like the immediacy and malleability. I really liked the repetition in the composition. (I am a big repetition fan) It wasn't until I was drawing that I saw the arrow on the street pointing the opposite way, an added bonus.

THis drawing, Marathon Morning, is large, 36x23, and I enjoy the dynamic nature of it.

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