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Best laid Plans

Truly we all start with Big Plans to market ourselves. And then, Life- happens. I do like to write and had every intention of keeping up. But here we are months later and I am now catching up. Well, like Weight Watchers I will get back on the bandwagon and try to keep up with keeping you informed.

I have been drawing a lot the past couple months and did a ceramic piece that made me miss ceramics. I have promised myself to use up my wood in the studio so I will pursue that line first.

I will be having a show next month '...of Fish and Fowl". Can you guess what the theme is? I was trying to think why I do birds and fish but I have decided that it is because they are so interesting and varied. To create the character that the different species has is a fun challenge. Their movement through their worlds is unique and endlessly fascinating to me.

We have a wild turkey mama that comes to eat a coupld times a week. (She likes sunflower seeds). She has four babies that are growing great guns. About an hour after her come 6 bachelor turkey guys who also like a snack. They are preparing for the fall by hanging out and eating all sorts of things in the yard, besides the easy seed buffet. At any rate they are all great to watch, somewhat prehistoric and a real honor to have on such a regular basis. Yes I should draw turkeys. They leave their feathers as thank you gifts. perhaps I shall draw one feather first.

Come see the show. Buy something to enjoy. My work likes to have a home.

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