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I am scheduled for a August Show at the Little Dog Coffee Shop in Brunswick, Maine. I have decided that I will be hanging large drawings and probably some wall owls- the sabs of wood with birds on them and in them. I look through my photographs and see there are some nice compositions that would lend themselves well to large drawings. I can envision them in contemporary apartments and homes. Most of them are currently created in charcoal but I am also contemplating some graphite. They vary from approximately 20x24 to 30x36. I like the format, the size.

"Daisy" shown below is a friend's dog who came for a visit. This photo was taken before it was finished. I do want to keep the large amount of negative space. I think it suits the format well. This will be shown, as the others will, without frames. Purchasers can then frame them to suit their space.


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